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ERGOLINE® UV TANNING (Only in your center in Montreuil)


Do you want to get a healthy natural glow? At BLUE CORNER, we offer sessions with a high-tech device to enjoy the many benefits of tanning in complete safety.With or without appointmentto combine your tan with acare  and don't waste time!

  • 17 Tubes at 120 Watts and 26 Tubes at 160 Watts

  • 3 face transmitters of 500 watts each.

  • 2 x 8 Watt Smart UVB Spaghetti Tubes

The members of the CARE CREW have all received UV training in order to guide you and give you personalized advice to obtain a personalized and quality tan. Advice being one of our priorities, BLUE CORNER makes every effort to offer you personalized monitoring of your tanning sessions in order to obtain the best results and your complete satisfaction!

It is recommended to have a skin without cosmetics and without perfume. The reason is simple: in some cases and in some people, cosmetic products can cause, like in the sun, small photosensitization reactions. You can choose to do your session in your underwear or completely naked.

CAUTION: You should alwayswear your special UV glasses during the session

After the session: Drinking is essential to rehydrate you. In the evening, remember to moisturize your skin. This is precious and good hydration will allow you to preserve and prolong your tan. 

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