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HYALUROJET® Acid Injection
Hyaluronic WITHOUT NEEDLES30 min.

Exclusivity in France - Only at BLUE CORNER -  Patented Technology;  High pressure - Non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid of exceptional quality.

  • Propulsion of hyaluronic acid at 800 km/hour without needles!

  • Virtually painless - Very high quality Hyaluronic Acid

  • This method makes it possible to fill the Rideas from the front, crow's feet & nasolabial folds without apprehension

  • Duration of benefits on the skin: 6 to 8 months

  • Guaranteed immediate effects

  • On all skin types

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(1) Unretouched photos taken immediately at the end of treatment (2) See the list of possible contraindications in the institute. Redness fades in about 20 minutes

institut homme paris

Before any pulsed light treatment, an assessment must be made with your beautician.  See the complete list of contraindications at the institute. Do not wear cosmetics (perfume, cream, etc.) before and during your session. Cannot be performed on dark skin, scar or tattoo.

Pulsed light

STELLA, a Professional device fromFrench manufacturing recognized internationally.



This pulsed light treatment treats, in 6 or 8 sessions,  the face, the neck, décolleté and/or hands of persons of phototypes I to IV presenting: 


  • of thewrinkles (sometimes premature) and fine lines

  • loss of skin firmness

  • aDull complexion

  • dilated pores

  • a thick skin texture




The skin enriched in collagène  will regain its tone, thus allowing a significant and visible improvement in  sagging skin. The wrinkles and ridules_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb35b-13dcf will be significantly reduced. Skin texture  will become finer, giving a  better facial radiance. In summary, the skin will be deeply repaired and regenerated, giving a visibly younger appearance.

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